My first love in life was nature. From a young age I felt an affinity with the natural world, the ocean, the mountains, the wild flowers and the animals of northern California were my teachers. My first encounter with yoga was at age 15.  I was immediately moved by the profound spiritual teachings and feelings of expansion and lucidity I experienced in sivasana, these feelings of omnipresence echoed the feelings of complete absorption in the moment as a child in the natural world. 

I continued to form my life around my practice and soon completed my teacher training in January of 2010 with in Boulder, Colorado, which was dove tailed by  workshops and intensive courses in San Francisco and Boulder before taking my mat on a life changing solo jaunt to the Far East. During my time I spent in Asia and India, I delved into the more traditional practices of asana and yoga philosophy, studying  Ashtanga and Iyengar as well as participating in a one-month training at the Krishnamacharya Madirim in Chennai, India. I landed in Melbourne after a year of self-observation and spiritual contemplation, and felt deeply connected to my breath and heart.

My fascination with the wisdom traditions of the east has brought me in contact with inspiring teachers of tantra, kundalini, advaita vedanta,  practices  rooted in the subtle energy body and the notion of non-duality. My continual search for transcendence of mind  has established within me a  deep connection to the ashtanga yoga system. I visit my teacher Sharath Jois each year to deepen my practice.

I see my experience on the four corners of my mat as a life long journey into my mind and my body and encourage my students to still their minds and open their hearts to a life full of joy, compassion, awareness.


Sharath Jois

Mathew Sweeney


Kia Miller